Growth Equity
Westcore MIDCO Growth Fund

Ticker: WTMGX | CUSIP: 957904717 | Style: Mid-Cap Growth | Inception Date: 8/1/1986
Share Class:
Investment Strategy

The Westcore MIDCO Growth Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of equity securities of primarily medium-sized companies with growth potential.


Our approach is grounded in independent fundamental research, with the goal of uncovering what we believe are the next great growth companies. Using rigorous stock-by-stock research, we analyze a company’s financial information and the industry and markets in which it competes. We also have conversations with its management, competitors, customers and suppliers to evaluate its business. We build a diversified mid-cap growth portfolio with what we believe are high-quality companies with enduring competitive advantages that are attractively- valued relative to their future growth potential.   

This Fund is available in both the retail and institutional class.

Risk Profile

(Low) (High)
Risk Spectrum: High

Management Team
Portfolio Managers
Mitch S. Begun, CFA
F. Wiley Reed, CFA
Adam C. Bliss
Brian C. Fitzsimons, CFA
Jeffrey J. Loehr, CFA

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Investment Minimums1

To open a new regular account: $2,500
To open a new retirement, education2 or UGMA/UTMA account: $1,000
To open an Automatic
Investment Plan Account:
Automatic Investments: $25/month
per Fund
To add to any type of account: $25

Investing in mid-cap funds generally will be more volatile and loss of principal could be greater than investing in large-cap funds.

The risk profile spectrum provides an approximate illustration of the relative volatility of the Westcore Family of Funds determined by using each fund's 5-year annualized standard deviation as of 3/31/15. If the fund's retail class has less than five years of operations as of that date, the standard deviation of the fund's Morningstar category is used instead. Standard deviation is a statistical measure of the historical volatility of a fund, which we believe can assist in classifying a fund within a risk spectrum. The placement on the risk spectrum (Low to High) is based on the comparison of each Fund's standard deviation measure, as described above, in relation to the universe of funds with a 5-year standard deviation measure as obtained from a third-party fund database. We believe those measures are accurate but have not independently verified them. Please refer to the prospectus for each fund's specific risks. Also a fund's measure of volatility is subject to change without notice as market or economic conditions change, and such changes may include significant and nonrecurring volatility events. Historical volatility is not necessarily indicative of future volatility and there is no guarantee that in any time period any one fund will be more or less volatile than any other fund.

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Please see the prospectus for more detailed information regarding investment minimums. The Funds reserve the right to change the amount of these minimums from time to time or to waive them in whole or in part, including the right to waive the Institutional Class minimums, if in the Advisor’s sole opinion, the investor has adequate intent and availability of assets to reach a future level of investment in the Fund that is equal to or greater than the minimum.

1 Existing accounts and automatic investment plans established before October 1, 2000 are entitled to reduced investment minimums: $1,000 for existing regular accounts; $250 for existing retirement or UGMA/UTMA accounts.

2 A description of the retirement and education accounts available for investment in the Westcore Funds may be found in the SAI for the Funds. Please call 800.392.CORE (2673) to request a free copy of the SAI or click here to download.